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 Homeaholic Boutique was created by Natalie Rivers Thomas on October 9th 2020, during this time she was a Realtor, she had recently just sold her first home to a buyer during Summertime 2020. When the Fall season started, Natalie decided to be a stay at home mom in order to be able to watch her little boy during what would soon make history, as the Covid-19 virus.

Natalie didn't want to venture out and get her nor her family sick so she then started to look on the internet for ways to make money online at home. Needless to say, it was a long journey, that year, as it was for most Americans.

So at the time, when she was looking up ways to make money online, she came across E-Commerce Dropshipping-- It sounded really fun and like something that Natalie would be very interested in, so she then started Youtubing and Googling all about E-Commerce Dropshipping.

Natalie then decided, on October 9th of 2020, that she was going to do the E-Commerce Strategy, called Drop-Shipping. It was a success! In just her very first week of starting, she made her very first sale. The rest is history, she says!

Natalie loves Home Decor, Goods, Fashion & Jewelry, so she made up a name for her store and a year later the success has grown and what she thought in her mind, she put to work. Natalie decided that she would not give up and that this was a dream of hers to own her own store.

Like many Entrepreneurs we all have goals and dreams and at the end of the day "it's mind over matter," says Natalie. Natalie wanted this business to succeed and she knew that she was going to work and do whatever it would take to become a brand known for their top - notch customer service, kindness and most of all, her hard work with this growing business.

On October 9th 2021, this year, it will be exactly a year since Natalie decided that she would start Homeaholic Boutique, and continue to go onto her second year. Natalie makes it her mission to be a successful retailer in the home goods, decor, fashion & jewelry industry. This journey also taught Natalie that even when there are roadblocks in the way of your goals, that you have to make detours.

Natalie says, " it was really an all or nothing dream that I had which I developed, I have always wanted to set out to be different, to be a leader, not a follower." At Homeaholic Boutique we have a passion for unique & wonderful finds! We also collaborate with the best designers in the industry. Bringing the best value to you, at Homeaholic Boutique, you'll always be able to find something that you adore!

Homeaholic Boutique is all about customer service and meeting those needs of others! Natalie brings that mind-set into her daily work-life with her Homeaholic Boutique business. Natalie also works a full-time job & a part-time job to help support her dream with this company, for which she has built from the ground up.

Natalie wants nothing but the best for all of her customers and thanks every single one of them with a written thank you card for who have purchased from Homeaholic Boutique. If you haven't received yours yet, you will! :) So with gratitude, integrity and hard work she has her hands full, but she loves it!

Natalie has a husband and a 3 year old little boy whom she loves both very much. This business gives her an outlet into a stream of goals and dreams that she has always wanted to accomplish, so without a doubt, Natalie is true to herself and to her customers. Natalie holds her standards high in the industry and only wants to succeed in this passionate business that always gives her light at the end of tunnel.

One of her favorites quotes is "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible." She wants everyone who knows her and about her Homeaholic Boutique business to never give up, to do exactly what makes you truly happy in your life, that you might fall down and fail sometimes but those are just little hiccups along the way, mistakes, that you will learn from and for that, it will make you become even better than you were before!

Natalie says to always think about all of the beautiful possibilities of strength, courage and pushing forward to be happy and also to find something that you love doing & working with, in order to do what you love and work at the same time! The possibilities are endless! :)

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